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Just a brief note to inform you that my Dad, Walter Bucklad, passed into final peace this past Sunday, November 27th, 2005, after a long struggle with complications due mainly to Diabetes.

I have not been fortunate enough to meet any of his fine mates from the Caperton, but he always kept me posted of the good times shared during your reunions. I'm an Army wife with an undaunting respect for our service members throughout the world, and it always touches my heart deeply when I recall the many dedicated sailors our country is most fortunate to have serving us, past and present. Fortunately, my Dad was one of those sailors. Without his service to the Navy, I likely would not be here to write this most unfortunate news to you today, as the Navy brought him to Newport, RI, which is where he was ported when he met my mother, Joan M. (Sweeney) Bucklad.

With a grateful heart, I thank the US Navy for bringing my Dad 'home' to RI, where he chose his final 'port of call' to be. His grandchildren meant the world to him, and I suppose we owe much to the Navy for that as well. We will always keep the spirit alive in this way, and my children will fondly reflect and remember how 'Papa Bucky' found his home with us from the USS Caperton at Newport to his final resting place at the VA Cemetary in Exeter with military honors this Saturday morning, December 3rd, 2005, 11a.m.

God Bless America, the sailors and families of the USS Caperton, and all our service members throughout the globe!

With Grateful Heart,
Mary Beth (Bucklad) Mooney