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USS Caperton Sailors

The listing below is a partial listing of those who served aboard the USS Caperton. If you or someone you know should be on this list but is not please email me at

If you would like to see a correction please let me know the correct info, and I would be happy to update the record. To help me identify the sailor you are requesting an update for, please include the Key number on the far left of the name

You may search on Surname; First name; Town; State or Era. To search state please use the two letter abbreviation.

7/27/2023 UPDATE: I am currently working on a major upgrade to the Sailors database. I am using the actual Muster Rolls from the ship to develop a more complete listing of sailors. I have finished transcribing 1943 and have begun work on 1944. I hope to have the new database with 1943 available by the middle of August.

Key Surname First Name Town State From To Rank In Rank Out Era
428 Wion Carl R. Piqua OH
615 Wood D. L. Korea
430 Wood Robert Arlington MA
429 Wood Robert W. Green Mountain NC 1946 1946 WWII
431 Wood Wylie G. Sulphur Springs TX
727 Woodlaver John R.
728 Worrell Marvin
616 Wright C. T. Korea
617 Wright M. K. Korea
729 Wurster Theodore F.
432 Wyttenhove Bob Chanhassen MN
433 Yetter Warren Harrisburg NC
434 Zannotti John Auburn MA 1943 1946 WWII
435 Zanoli Jerome Fairfield CA 1956 1959
436 Zehnder Raymond H. Frankenmuth MI
437 Zufelt Lawrence L. Bend OR 1943 1946 WWII
438 Zungoli Daniel Bloomfield NJ 1943 1946
618 Zurzolo R. D. Korea
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