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The USS Caperton has had several Commanders during its various commissions. Below is a list which to the best of my knowledge is accurate (if incomplete). Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with corrections!


Commanders  WWII
  30 July 1943  Commissioned, Boston Navy Yard, Unit of Destroyer Division 100, Destroyer Squadron 50.
 30 July 1943 - 27 August 1944  Commanding Officer, Commander Wallace J. Miller, United States Navy
 27 August 1943 - 12 July 1945  Commanding Officer, Commander George K. Carmichael, United States Navy.
12 July 1945 Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Will P. Starnes, United States Navy.
USS Caperton Decommissioned from 12 July 1945 to 4 June 1951
Commanders Korea
4 June 1951 - 1952 Commanding Officer, Commander George M. Hawes, United States Navy
1952-1954 Commanding Officer, Commander Edward A. Sandor, United States Navy
1954-1956 Commanding Officer, Commander Arthur Parris, United States Navy
1956-1958 Commanding Officer, Commander James B. McCormick, United States Navy
  Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Charles R. Hickman, United States Navy