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Carroll Penn Marshall, 21-year-old Shad Point sailor, a veteran of naval action in the Marianas, the Gilberts and Marshalls, Saipan, and Truk, has been commended by his destroyer squadron commander for distinguished service aboard the destroyer USS Caperton.

Marshall was given a commendation for meritorious service during the night of February 21-22 in the first strike against the Marianas

A fire controlman, first class, Marshall served as the plotting room petty officer. The comendation reads:

"His skillful operation and efficient maintenance of fire control equipment directly resulted in the destruction of enemy air and surface craft, as well as shore installations. His coolness under fire was a great factor in controlling the men under him and increased the effectiveness of the fire control party as a whole."
"His refusal to become excited while making emergency repairs to vital pieces of equipment in the face of the enemy greatly aided the fighting efficiency of the ship. His conduct at all times was in keeping with the highest tradition of the naval service."

The commendation was signed by Wallace J. Miler. commander of a destroyer squadron.


Pub Date: 31 Oct. 1944
Byline: Unknown
Publication: Salisbury Times
Salisbury MD

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