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Well following an major update to the code that runs the USS Caperton Website, I succeeded in breaking the database that lists the sailors who have served aboard the ship, along with several other things! I have now restored access to the listing and hope to add to the listing soon. Still to repair is the AG Jackson Diary. I have been working to repair other issues as well so there may be a few things that come and go over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!!!!

The Website started by Earl Hawkins has once again taken its rightfull place on the World Wide Web. for the past few years the site has been hosted on whats called a subdomain of I now have the actual website address back up and running. It is an exact duplicate of the original site and while you can no longer add to the guestbook everything is still readable.

I have added the AG Jackson WWI Diary back to the stories section. You will notice it is now in a little different format. I am using software that gives it more of a book like feel to it with the pages flipping like a Kindle or iPad. To turn the pages you just need to move the mouse to the upper or lower outer corner of the page, and once the page begins to peel back just click the mouse and the page will turn. I hope you like the new look!

A reprint of the 1943 Organization and Ships Orders is now available as a softcover book. This Book is actually comprised of two separate documents: The Organization Book; and the Ship's Order's. Combined they represent nearly 200 pages of insight into the daily life aboard the Destroyer U.S.S. Caperton.

The Organization and Readiness, Administrative Organization which includes Officer and Enlisted assignments, Watches, Mess, Berthing, Cleaning and Fueling; Emergency contingencies such as Fire, Collision, Man Overboard, Scuttling the ship, and Abandon Ship.

The Ship's Orders section contains 54 Orders which instruct on how to deal with everthing from tobacco ashes and butts, to handling of Secret and Confidential mail! Click on the Ships Orders - Reprint link on the menu for additional order information.

I have now obtained the first two months of War Diaries for the USS Caperton! it consists of July (July 30th and 31st) and all of August 1943. And I can already tell you that I recognize some of the names found in those two months! I will begin extracting them and adding them to the website over the next few weeks. CLick on the War Diaries Link on the main menu and you will see a listing below by Month and Year of the Diaries.

I have finished uploading a Diary that was written by WWII Sailor Arthur G. Jackson. This diary was donated to by his son who would love to hear from sailors that served with his father. If you send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will forward your email on to him. This diary can be found listed under the "Stories" link on the main menu. I have also added a link to a video that shows the Japanese Surrender on the USS Missouri. Special thanks to Sailor Earl Hawkins for bringing this video to my attention.

I have been asked periodically about information on the "Ships logs" for the USS Caperton. I did some digging into this and found that the logs are available to the public, and if you want to obtain copies of these logs for WWII the photocopy price is just under $1500. While I am not able to pay for this on my own, if there are others interested in helping out, I would be glad to add them to the website. I have added a link with far more information on it. look for USS Caperton Project in the menu.

I have finally begun updating the Reunion Pages. When you click on Reunion in the menu you will be taken to a listing of reunions. To the left of each reunion is a view link. When you click on view you will go to a summary of that Reunion. If there is nothing on the page and you were there, then send me your thoughts on that reunion. Heck, even if there is already something there send me your thoughts anyway! For photos of the reunions head over to the photo gallery.

I have entered the dates, places and hosts for the Reunions. It is now up to you sailors to send me information on what you did what you enjoyed and any stories you want added to the reunion pages. email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to the new version of! This is the first major upgrade to the site since I set it up as a seperate website from the family history webiste. For those of you who care about the technical geek stuff, I am now using a content management system called Joomla!. For those of you who don care about the technical geek stuff, suffice to say that witht eh new site it will be a lot easier for me to update, and include new features like videos. The photogallery has also received a freshening and is now  more visually pleasing.

There are still a few things to be completed. I am working on a form for former sailors to be able to update their info in the database, and I am still trying to sort out a guest book. The old guest book was difficult to maintain due to the large volume of spam.

I would like to thank Jane over at White Rose Web Design for the new look of the site. I told her I  wanted something patriotic, and it had to include the ship. Personally, I think she hit a home run!