Over the years there have been numerous Reunions held for the sailors of the USS Caperton. These reunions originated with WWII shipmates Merle Crain and Joe Bowman's decision that it was time to bring their Caperton comrades back together. Below is a listing of these reunions starting with the most recent on down to the first one. This listing is derived from the Newsletter published by the Sailors Association. 

Note: This is a work in progress and I will be continuously updating and correcting the list, so If you see any errors or omissions please drop me a line at so that I can put it right. If you were at one of the reunions and want me to add your "two-cents worth" about the reunion let me know!

2009 Reunion - Branson, MO October 15-18:

The 20th USS Caperton reunion will be held in Branson Missouri October 15-18, 2009. Hosts for this Anniversary Event are Bob & Georgene Smithson, and they have set up quite an agenda of events. Reservations should be made by September 18, 2009 so if you are interested in attending, please email me at right away so I can put you in touch with the Reunion committee.

2008 Reunion - Wells ME September 11-13

2007 Reunion - Omaha NE September 20-23:

Hosted By K&G Hendrix; P&D Longen

They came from 24 states, converging on a city located almost in the dead center of the nation, and for three days were treated to the sights and sounds of a vibrant and, at the same time, historic area of the USA.
They also renewed longtime friendships and swapped memories of the time they spent about the Navy destroyer USS Caperton in war and peace: the ship was built and launched in 1943, saw duty in World War II and the Korean War, and was finally decommissioned in 1960.
The Hendrixs were co-hosts this year with Paul and Dellavon Longen of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The reunion agenda included tours to Father Flanagan's Boys Town in the morning and to the Strategic Air and Space Museum in the afternoon. A Memorial Service was held Saturday morning for deceased shipmates, held in heartland of America Park.

2006 Reunion - Laughlin NV September 21-23: Hosted By John & Sandy Mecolick

2005 Reunion - Caribbean Cruise November 5-23: Held in Caribbean Cruise Hosted by Lee & Martha Curry

2004 Reunion - Philadelphia PA October 14-17: Hosted by Ted & Ruth Speer

2003 Reunion - San Diego CA October 16-19: Hosted by Bob & Georgene Smithson

2002 Reunion - Charlotte NC October 17-20: Hosted by Lee & Martha Curry

2001 Reunion - Phoenix AZ November 8-10: Hosted by Bob & Georgene Smithson

2000 Reunion - Bath ME June 30-July 3: Hosted by Vernon & Marilyn Follett

1999 Reunion - Orlando FL October 28-30: Hosted by John & Dona Mueller

1998 Reunion - Chicago IL September 3-6: Hosted by Bob & Barbara Terzich

1997 Reunion - Lake Tahoe NV September 21-23: Hosted by John & Dona Mueller

1996 Reunion - Charleston SC October 24-27: Hosted by D. Budge, G.& B. Ripsom

1995 Reunion - Silverdale WA September 14-17: Hosted by Merle & Joann Crain

1994 Reunion - Rapid City ND September 15-18: Hosted by G. & M. Tennyson

1993 Reunion - Boston MA October 7-10: Hosted by D. Budge; G. Ripson; W. Dale

1992 Reunion - New Orleans LA October 22-25: Hosted by D. Valentine, D. Richardson

1991 Reunion - Baltimore MD September 12-14: Hosted by Nick & Mary Mangione

1990 Reunion - Daytona Beach FL September 12-15: Hosted by Joe & Diane Bowman