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Those Who Served

The listing below is a partial listing of those who served aboard the USS Caperton. If you or someone you know should be on this list but is not please email me at

If you would like to see a corection please let me know the correct info, and i would be happy to update the record.

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Last First Town State From To Rank In Rank Out Era
Adams J. Daniel
Anderson R. E. Korea
Aust William Leo
Baker Kimball M.
Baker A. F. Korea
Balcerzak Leonard J.
Balla J., Jr. Korea
Bargerhuff Kenneth
Barklow D. W. Korea
Barrett Edward T.
Barron Thomas 1955 1957 Korea
Beavers Dean L.
Benjamin Forrest H.
Bergnes A.
Beuerle William H. 1952 1954 Korea
Beyerle Raymond W.
Beyerle R. W. Korea
Bishop Leonard 1959 1960 RMSN Korea
Bissel George Jr.
Blau R. P. Korea
Bleignier Pete 1959 1960 BT3 Korea
Bloyer Vaughn
Boro John F.
Borst Harry 1943 1945 SM2 WWII
Bowman Joseph G. (Joe)
Brenner E. M. Korea
Brewer William L.
Brocious V. G., Jr. Korea
Broderick W. S. Korea
Brodie J. C. Korea
Brown Raymond
Brown C. E. Korea
Brown E. P. Korea
Brown T. A. Korea
Buchanan David H.
Buck J. J. Korea
Buczkowski Eugene F.
Budge Donald
Bull T. F Korea
Butler F. E. Korea
Caine Roger
Canfield Stephen 6/1951 8/1952 SM/SN2 Korea
Cantymagli A. S. Korea
Caprio C. J. Korea
Carmichael George K. RADM
Causey Laun P.
Cebula R. J. Korea
Chagnon Edmond
Chaundey W. P. Korea
Ciccone Samuel